This Human rights collection is an attempt to cast a light on the necessity for all humans to recognize the value of human rights, and the need to fight! It declares the right to fight for our rights, and the hope that those privileged enough to know peace, will find the heart to fight for humanity. Fight for the human right to *self-determination. Fight the power.

This collection also attempts to shine light on the darkness. Spotlighting the atrocious acts of hate and aggression by Azerbaijan sponsored by Turkey attacking and attempting to complete the genocide of the Armenian people in Artsakh Nagorno-Karabakh. Shining light on the darkness and hate cast by a system of power that seeks to gain more power and control.  A system of power that lives in many countries, in many different states, with different faces and forms, sometimes hiding under the guise of caring for its people.

 Human Rights are for all people, not just those nations who have the power to enforce their will. All people have the right to thrive and the right to self-determination. And we should openly condemn any and all willing to commit genocide. If we must fight to survive, then we have the right to fight to defend ourselves, and defend our human rights. 



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A) as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations.

On my journey for social justice and my whole hearted attempt at artivism ( my activism through art ) I search for my voice, as it’s been suppressed by 35 years of trying to play the game the “white” way. I'm on a journey to understand and find a place of peace within the fear of my potential demise as a Black man in America. My fear of possible death, whenever if ever I'm forced to reckon with the authority of the police. A constant cognitive drain of life, while I have to constantly evaluate intentions, and question every interaction, because, it’s life or death. Should I trust, and die, should I not, and live? Living while Black in America is a constant fight for my life, for my rights, and to live in peace and strive towards self determination. Fight the power.

( excuse me while I try to qualify my position for caring about humanity... )

I am a Black man living in America with friends and family who have suffered from the atrocities America has put us through.  I feel every one of the deaths by police of the unarmed, helpless Black people who are murdered and cast aside by the system.  The system that creates power, the system of power that yearns for more. I am just a Black man, but, I also have family and friends who are Armenian and this same system of power is exercising their power to manipulate and control the media and their people to execute the Armenian people in Artsakh.  This system of power is oppressive and manipulative and will continue to thrive off of the death, and oppression of those they deem worthless. Fight the power

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

 There’s no coming to terms with the countless deaths of Black people in this country, there's no coming to terms with the  countless genocides committed in America. There's no coming to terms with the countless Deaths, unmentioned Holocausts, and the second genocide of the Armenian people being attempted today in Artsakh. Fight the power.

These systems of power toil with fire and brimstone leaving only death and destruction in their wake. 

This is the same system of power that stole millions of Africans, separated them from their families, separated their souls from their bodies, and severed the threads of culture and community to their ancestors. This is the same system of power that today murders the descendants of those enslaved continuing to tear the fabric of their bonds with their people. It is the same system of power that murders the descendants of those stolen people while they sleep. Severing their threads of life to continue their search for power and control. Denying Black people their human rights to life in peace. Fight the power.

This is the same system that denies its involvement in the murder and genocide of millions of indigenous people.  Manipulates its population to believe that those who don't conform to their brand don’t get to live freely, in the “land of the free” . The system of power is actively right now attempting to continue in renewed power to commit genocide in Artsakh, against the Armenian people. This is the same system of power that has already committed genocide in Armenia. In World War 1 The Ottoman Empire murdered over 1.5 million Armenians, and has come back to try and finish the job. These systems of power are the same, they manipulate media, control thought, and create humans who want to stand back and stand by instead of standing up for peace, freedom, and the right to self determination.


Defend human rights 

Stand up and support Artsakh, and support human rights. Supporting and promoting justice and human rights anywhere is supporting and promoting human rights everywhere. 

My feels… 

I can't help but feel helpless and lifeless and hopeless, yearning, to find some people, a few that are willing to fight for justice and fight for hope, and fight for life, and to feel accepted. And in that, feel as though my fight for my own self determination, and my fight in America against the system of power that oppresses its Black and non conforming citizens, is also a fight for the lives of the people of Artsakh to live without fear of genocide by this same system of power. This fight is for justice, this fight is for peace, this fight is for humanity, the soul of humanity. Stand up and stand tall. Support the right for all humans to have the right to self determination. Stand up and fight against the system of power and prevent it from severing other ancestral threads of existence. 


Strings of Fate

All the proceeds that are acquired by the sale of this collection will go to help stopping the system of power attempting to commit another genocide. 


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Support, represent and fight for justice. 


Links to references and information regarding the history of the Armenian genocide.



*Definition of Self-Determination: 

  • the process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own allegiances and government.
  • the process by which a person controls their own life.




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