Cancel Cancer Capsule

Cancel Cancer Capsule with Natstrong


Natstrong started as #natstrong when Natasha Kharabian was diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago.  She is now cancer free, with the help of her family, friends and skilled oncologists at the Odette Cancer Centre.  Natasha reached out to us to help contribute a small collection to her yearly fundraiser and we were happy to donate some time and art to the cause. 

The Cancel Cancer capsule is a collection of thoughtful art meant to connect those who are interested in canceling cancer, and to help promote community and humanity as a unit not just individuals.  The survival of humans throughout time from unknown forces has often brought people together.  A common enemy so to speak. So destroying cancer is apart of aiclothing's DNA. 

We designed a few pieces to tell the story of battling through what seems to be a life ending situation, and sometimes prevailing, and sometimes not.  But fighting none the less. and to those who survive should strive to cancel cancer and make things better for those who may go through this battle, time and time again. 

Help us by purchasing a unique piece from the Cancel Cancer limited collection. Where all the proceeds go to the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrooke Hospital in Toronto Canada.  

Thank you! May the ink be with you.   


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Thank you | natstrong x aiclothing

Thank you for Everything. We had a blast creating for the Natstrong x aiclothing cancel cancer collection and look forward to much more in the future. Stay connected to see how it went and how its going by signing up to our newsletter, and finding us on the socials. Thank you Everyone.