Animink's animal art doodles anthropomorphic's, represent the human psyche. What animal do you most connect with?. 

Bits Hambone III "I'm Bits not Bacon!"

Bits Hambone III comes from a long line of animals who are predisposed to become bacon. In a world controlled by greed, and gluttony Bits strives to be an individual and find a new place in this unforgivable world.

Baby Red " OH! It's just you. " Baby red the red panda knows nothing but playtime, sleep and pumpkin pouncing. Once upon a time the baby woke up in a sea of white. The flakes all around its new world sparkled with life, and unfamiliarity. A journey begins.

Doolittle Sir Sleepsalot "Nap time!" Doolittle does very little. Innocence is a freedom, freedom brings creativity, the ability to fly, and try, without fear. Doolittle sleepsalot because it can. It will forever be the symbol of freedom. 


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