Covid-19 shut us all in! Well, most of us... Jobs lost, and many people are on their last effort to sustain, maintain, and obtain a life fulfilling, and without fear.

 As the pandemic becomes a mainstay, and people learn how to live with this virus, the world around may lash back.  With essential jobs, like trash pick up, and grocery stores, farms, we've learned more about what is necessary in our society, and what has become fluff. George Floyd a man trying to make his way through the already corrupt system, found himself between the system and its enforcement.

 The authority, who has been born, bred, and groomed to defeat Blackness in society, has done since its conception to capture and or kill runaway slaves. The system still protects them, and promotes them, while demoting Black people, and running Black people through the prison industrial complex ( wow thats a Mouthful )  More on that later. If you don't know why Black people have been killed by police at a higher rate than anyone else I encourage you to read and investigate the history of the united states.  You can start with Googling Prison industrial complex. Continue to learn, continue to protest, and fight for equality from the ground up,  from inside the system, outside the system and create change, from all sides. Stay safe, wear a mask, and tell others too,  Anti-racism is active! Protection from Covid-19 requires action. Lets do both, and survive this wave of destruction. 

 FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, Fight for YOUR life, Don't stop, until JUSTICE.   Grow Change Evolve. 


Information is your friend! Learn and stay informed about the ways our new world is attacking us.  Neil Degrasse Tyson once said, the world is trying to kill us! Global warming, killer animals, weather, virus's.  Wear a mask, they protect you from virus's, and other ill gotten disease that might be floating around, learn educate, and take action.  The ignorance and the impotence of the white washed societal subjugation compels all to be complacent.  DO NOT be complacent. If your life is easy, you should be asking why?



Listen, Learn, and evaluate, use critical thinking to objectively evaluate the world around you.  Historically speaking the propagation of mis-information in the media and the emotional activation from fear and manipulation, causes risks and chasms  between individuals.  This sometimes may only be healed with, empathy, compassion and understanding.  Most Blogs that Animink posts by Phillip James (Me) are opinion editorials. And some will point to locations on the internet where references were made. Its up to you to evaluate, get additional information, and make informed, decisions about your own life.  Good Luck. 

Grow, Chang, and Evolve!