An Origin Story

…a small pear shaped reservoir, almost naked to the eye. The nearly  invisible glass glistened from the moisture rich environment as it's plucked from the below freezing temperatures of its dark ominous containment. A single dull lamp lights the room. Unable to pierce the liquid inside, the light refracts and shows only a glimmer of the elegantly corked contents. That black substance filled the container wet and slippery.

anim ink spewed from its birthplace with an exagerated 'POP'


...sudden tremors of unknown origin berate the environment. The exquisite hand crafted glass rocks uncomfortably until its  round base tips past its apex. With a sharp “TINK!” the  bottle hits the surface. “POP” out shoots the cork. The glass spews forth its inky black substance, slick and  smooth, “blip, blop, splip, splop, splat!” drips the animated, primordial ooze…  Street wear for the Soul.

What do you see? 

Our world is animated, why pretend it’s anything less.  Anim ink is your local humanity's representative,  with ideas and a responsibility to ignite thought and  passion in the socialized doldrums of human melancholy.  Anim is short for animated, but also refers to the human psyche,  the anima or the animus. According to Carl Jung, it is the unconscious or true inner self of an individual.   

Anim ink portrays those ideas in art and design;  representing the diversity of the anima within all of us.  Ai clothing is attempting to create an urban art gallery, to showcase ideas represented in design that otherwise  wouldn't be expressed. With every piece of art/t-shirt, there are a few words that represent the piece and explain in poetry, or story, the ideas the artist had when creating it. The stories that represent us "humans" and the individuals that make up humanity are the most important reasons for growth and change in our human future.

Ai clothing strives to bring people together and shrink the gap between you and the next individual.   

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt but an idea can change the world.




streetwear for the soul