(Marine Protected Areas) MPA Collaborative Network has given me the opportunity to design and distribute some beautiful, fun art to create awareness of the collaborative's around California and to highlight some of the brilliant creatures that live in the oceans off of the coast.


The Critters collects is a collaboration between the MPA (marine protected areas) Collaborative Network and aiclothing.com. I Phillip James design and run anim ink LLC. Inspired by the cause the Collaborative Network has taken on and the animals that natural echo system of the oceans, and how much humanity has control over its health. I took the challenge of creating a way to raise funds, create awareness for the animals as well as the C.N. The Collaborative Network is a necessity for a viable communicative organization. They connect the community to information, the Collaborative's to each other, educate the local population, and help keep our local ocean, the Marine Protected Areas, well, Protected, safe, striving to keep the ocean healthy, and the world. One fish at a time.





Meet the Critters

Opisthoteuthis californiana

Flapjack octopus.

Flapjack was found off the coast of California currently living in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  One of the smallest cutest, most adorable Octo's around.  Recently featured on Blue Planet, is one of the new recently found species in California.


Flapjack is what they call me, I eat little things i find around my home base.  I'm kind of shy, but swim pretty swiftly when I have to.  Check out the cool art from Ai clothing, and the t's available.  


The MPA Collaborative Network has been doing a lot to protect us little creatures. Check out what they do and why at mpacollaborative. One of many amazing collaborative the Monterey Bay Aquarium research Institute, was important in documenting this new Species.


Stephanie Bush Post Doctoral Researcher at MBARI, discovered this new species of Opisthoteuthis and with the chance to name this cutie patootie. She figured why not take a observational approach, it is adorable!! Describing these critters as gelatinous and fragile and large eyes for the size of their bodies. I think they fit all the characteristics of adorable. Stephanie says "... as someone that's describing the species, you get to pick what the specific name is. One of the thoughts I had was making it Opisthoteuthis Adorabalis... because they are just, yeah, they're really cute! "

We agree Stephanie!

For that ever valuable Merch of the Adorabalis follow the link below and pick up your stash! Partial profit from the purchase goes to helping support the Collaborative Network.


Meet the Critter

LIL Beppo the Garabaldi a.k.a. Garabaldi damselfish( Hypsypops rubicundus)

Lil Beppo the Garabaldi is the official Fish of California! It probably deserves a full series on its own. At first glance this fish can appear to be an angry fish, but It seems to be all with good intention. Being pretty agressive and standing their ground, they are often protecting a lay of eggs the fish has stashed in along the rocks somewhere. You would protect growing babies too wouldn't you!

I hope so! The Garabaldi named after the Italian general Giuseppe Garabaldi for wearing red as the Uniform. Ok Garabaldi are not red, but who knows what your red is vs what my red is? anyway, Garabaldi babies are a in fact a bit more red and have small iridescent blue spots.

Protect those eggies lil Beppo! LIl Beppo would love to show you around but he has a more pressing buisiness to take care of. Those very edible yellow eggs. Keeping all other fish away is his duty, even larger fish, and divers, you might just get a nibble!!

Who can pass up a good old hard working, loyal loveable fighter, the California state fish, Lil beppo the Garabaldi. Take home lil Beppo today at the link below. Partial profit from the campaign will go to the Collaborative Network to help the non - profits do their thing.


Meet the Critter

OPAL the Opalescent Nudibranch, (Hermissenda opalescens)


Nudibranch are found all over the tide pools in California. But because of their size arent seen very often by the un informed. The Opalescent Nudibranch shines almost like a light. Its irradescent tenticles whither with the water as this sea slug slithers through its habitat. They Grow up to about 2 inches so if you are not careful you will miss them in all their glory.


Described from the San Diego California but is found all along the coast from Mexico to northern California.



Some swag to keep you from being to sentimental about missing this little monster on your next visit to the tide pools. As always partial Proceeds go to the Collaborative Network and will help them help save the world!





Meet the Critter

Lobito the Wolf Eel (Anarrhichthys ocellatus)


Wolfey! or Old man of the sea are some of the nicknames given to this fish. Not actually an eel, hmmph, go figure. The small juvinile wolf fish are typically orange in color. blue and orange seem to be a popular color in the biological world, or maybe thats just what I like. :) "smiles innocently" . All though these blue, sometimes orange, creatures are called eels, they are actually fish, the paired gill slits, and the pectoral fins! Everyone likes good pectoral fins, right? These critters like to live in caves and when protecting eggs the pair, usually life mates, will share duties while one hunts the other will stay behind and protect the nest. Awww!


This Old Man of the sea can grow up to 7ft and 10 in. LONG WOWSA, and typical life span is about 25 years. Its no wonder they can look so Grumpy! Purple sea urchin are abundant in California, so they wont go hungry anytime soon. With their strong jaws and teeth! Yup Teeth, they can pretty much chew through anything. Its a good thing they are usually pretty calm and collected. Wisdom must come with that old age. Lobito the wolfie Swag as always proceeds go to the collaborative. Follow the link below to go to the campaign to help save the world.



Thanks for watching, References and information found below.






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Wolf Eel

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