Animink's animal art doodles anthropomorphic's, represent the human psyche. What animal do you most connect with?. 

Bits Hambone III "I'm Bits not Bacon!"

Bits Hambone III comes from a long line of animals who are predisposed to become bacon. In a world controlled by greed, and gluttony Bits strives to be an individual and find a new place in this unforgivable world.

Baby Red " OH! It's just you. " Baby red the red panda knows nothing but playtime, sleep and pumpkin pouncing. Once upon a time the baby woke up in a sea of white. The flakes all around its new world sparkled with life, and unfamiliarity. A journey begins.

Doolittle Sir Sleepsalot "Nap time!" Doolittle does very little. Innocence is a freedom, freedom brings creativity, the ability to fly, and try, without fear. Doolittle sleepsalot because it can. It will forever be the symbol of freedom. 



Marine Protected Areas Collaborative Network Critters Collection by aiclothing