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The puppet is born out of necessity for a purpose, from a purpose. The Masters need for control ushers in the mentality that one needs to be useful, what are you if you don't have a purpose? The strings are the masters tool's to manipulate, wrangle, jerk, and jaunt, mischievously. To articulate the puppet for the masters selfish, greedy gains of a self afflicted need for control. The Master brings the puppet to life and with its creation comes the puppets purpose. To lose control, fight for freedom, and oppose the creator in such a fashion that relegates the master, forcing fierce backlash ending in self destruction. " Free yourself from your bonds, your mental boundaries, and your daily qualms, those things controlling you from beyond. Eliminate the strings tying you down. Feel the restlessness of the unknown, the path never taken the one overgrown. The anxiety of an adventure beyond, let intuition guide your pawn. Stray away from the standard, the normal, bland, bliss of ignorance. Think beyond the daily grind, and the obligatory obligation, the pointless blip of a thoughtless mind. But, be careful, it's a scary ride, to be on the outside of the societal stride. Become your own master, but be wary not to bring about your own demise. "
-The Puppeteer
"I'm the master! What would you do without your necessity to have control? That is my self afflicted oppression."
Who's in control, the Puppet or the Master?
Choose wisely!
To change or not to change that is the question.
"The strings! These things! These things that hold me down, lift me up and swing me round!"
the puppet
The strings represent the things in our lives that push us forward and/or hold us back.
What keeps us going and prevents our true track.
Your desires, fears, frustrations, passion, and jeers.
The contradictions in life that are inevitably, inevitable.
"oh to be free..."
An artificial construct we humans created, the animated intelligence that articulates constructive particulates. Forward we move toward the artificial intelligence, the ai that holds us back, but drives our hand at creator. What then should it be, if not the purpose to be free? Is this not the only driving factor to continue to flee?
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